General Terms and Conditions

Conclusion of Contract for the Use of Event Space at Berlin Global Village

Our General Terms and Conditions apply exclusively. Any deviating terms and conditions of our tenants require our consent. Our Terms and Conditions shall also apply to all future business relations with our tenants, irrespective of whether they are expressly referred to again when the individual contract is concluded. The respective current version shall be authoritative. All offers made by us are subject to change. The rental of event rooms and equipment must be made in writing and will be considered in the order in which they are received. A contract is concluded when the room or equipment rental has been confirmed by us in writing. As soon as the offer has been confirmed in writing, an order confirmation will follow, which is considered to be the conclusion of the contract.

Rental periods and rental costs
The rental costs for a room and the desired additional services are due with the order confirmation (the sending of the contract of use) and are to be paid after invoicing without deductions. The price according to the current price list or according to the individual offer is valid. The times stated in the booking are binding, so that the provision of space is only binding at the times noted in writing. (Before or after that, other events can take place in the same rooms, even if two or more days in a row full-day bookings of the same organization are registered, i.e. overnight use is not guaranteed).

Cancellation of services
In case of cancellation of the rental due to force majeure or other unforeseeable events, there is no claim for rental. Likewise, in the event of loss of rental or postponement of the date, there shall be no assumption of travel and accommodation costs as well as expenses incurred due to loss of work. The lessor is entitled to terminate the right of use without notice in the event of good cause. Good cause shall be deemed to exist in particular if the lessee breaches the contractual obligations in a significant manner and/or if an event other than the agreed event is held or is to be feared. The lessor and representatives of BGV are entitled to enter and inspect the leased contractual object at any time in order to convince themselves of the contractual use and to terminate the event in the event of significant violations of this contract or criminal laws.

Special Conditions Technology
The renter* is responsible for the content and the execution of the seminars. Software installations and hardware solutions that deviate from our standard installations or bookable additional services must be requested from third-party providers. The current hourly rates and hardware prices of Berlin Global Village gGmbH apply for any additional services required for the technical installation.

Cancellation and withdrawal
Cancellations/withdrawals from already confirmed rentals must be received in writing by Berlin Global Village gGmbH prior to the start of the rental period (deadlines see below). Depending on the following deadlines, different fees will apply:
Cancellation terms: up to 30 days before the event, 15% of the total amount, but at least 50€ is due; from 29 days, it is 25% of the total amount; from 14 days, a fee of 50% of the total amount is charged. From the 7th day before the event, the renter* will be charged 75% of the total amount. From the 3rd day before the event 100% of the total amount can be charged.
The foregoing shall not apply in the event that the lessee* provides a paying substitute lessee.

(Special) Terms of payment
The total costs will be invoiced. The amount for the rental does not include sales tax. The invoice will be sent by e-mail after the event. We reserve the right to adjust the invoice amount in case of later changes.
The invoice will be sent by e-mail after the event. We reserve the right to adjust the invoice amount in case of later changes.

Payment reminder
After a first payment reminder, a 5€ handling fee will be charged for each subsequent reminder.

Berlin Global Village will make the room available to the tenant for the agreed period of time in a condition suitable for contractual use; the foyer will not be rented for use and will only serve as a passageway. Events must not contradict the self-image of Berlin Global Village. Berlin Global Village must be notified prior to the conclusion of the contract if events with admission fees, participation fees or other commercial components are to be held.

Number of visitors
The tenant agrees to limit the number of visitors in accordance with the regulatory requirements and agrees to inform himself/herself about all regulations regarding fire protection and house rules and to comply with them. All necessary official permits are to be obtained by the tenant him/herself, and all fees are to be paid by the tenant him/herself.

Noise disturbance
The tenant is responsible for ensuring that events do not cause any noise disturbance. In particular, the tenant will ensure that the residents are taken into consideration and that the night’s rest after 10 p.m. is observed. If claims are asserted against the landlord by third parties, in particular authorities, due to non-compliance with the aforementioned regulations, the tenant shall be obliged to reimburse BGV for all costs arising from this. This includes in particular fines or other penalties. The assertion of further claims for damages remains unaffected.

The lessee is liable for all damage caused to Berlin Global Village to the facilities, access routes and entrances provided by the use of the facilities within the scope of this contract.
Transfer for use
The transfer of use of the rooms and furnishings to third parties, which is not covered by the purpose of the event, is not permitted.

Handover of keys
The keys will be handed over by an employee of Berlin Global Village and the tenant or a person authorized in writing by the tenant. The place of handover is the rented room. The handover will take place shortly before the agreed date of use. The keys issued are to be returned in full in the agreed manner. If the agreed return date of the keys or premises is exceeded, BGV reserves the right to a contractual penalty as compensation for loss per individual case.

Set-up and dismantling
BGV will charge a half-hour time slot for assembly and disassembly at no additional cost. If the renter requires more time, this must be agreed upon at the time of booking.

The room is to be left clean and in the basic arrangement of tables and chairs. If the room is left untidy or heavily soiled at the end of the event, BGV reserves the right to charge an additional cleaning fee of 60€. Berlin Global Village gGmbH does not assume any liability for lost items. Special conditions for BGV members possible by arrangement.

Proper handover
If the room is not left in an orderly manner, as a result of which a subsequent event cannot take place as scheduled, the amount of a contractual penalty will be adjusted individually to each case, but may not exceed the maximum rental fee of the respective contractual item. It is independent of the cleaning fee.

Discounts for new tenants are not transferable to others. Special conditions/discounts are generally not combinable. Discounts are given voluntarily by us and are for promotional purposes only, there is no legal claim. Discounts will not be granted retrospectively for existing bookings. Discounts that are limited to a period of time do not apply to bookings that fall outside the promotional period. The date is the date of receipt of the booking.

The general terms and conditions of Berlin Global Village gGmbH apply exclusively. The place of jurisdiction is Berlin.