Empowerment, Youth, Global Learning, Decolonization, Antiracism

Exhibition between the petition and rebellion

The exhibition takes you into the world of anti-colonial resistance.Three resistance fights are exemplary for different generations and social groups that defend themselves against colonialism and its heir.They make the extent of racist colonial politics in Germany (1884 - 1919), France (1919 - 1960) and Great Britain (1919 - 1961) in the Cameroon.

The Cameroonian King Douala Manga Bell fought against the racist resettlement policy of theGerman colonial power in the port city of Douala.In the Kingdom of Kom in the northwestern Cameroon, thousands of women protested against new agricultural laws and the displacement of their way of life by the colonial policy of the British.Since 2013, the activist André Blaise Essama has deliberately destroyed statues from the French colonial period and is committed to renaming the street names of former French colonial masters.

The two cameroons Achach and Kenjo accompany you through the exhibition and discuss the effectsof colonialism and the resistance movements from today's perspective.You will find out with what intentions the colonizers wanted to acquire the country, but above all what diverse strategies the people develop in order to oppose colonization.

a project of the Initiative Perspective change e.V. The exhibition is shown in cooperation between Berlin Global Village

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