German colonialism and its consequences have been ignored in Germany for the longest time. But persistent intervention from civil society is bearing fruits. The Berlin Global Village, as a hub for civil society actors of development policies and development cooperation recognizes the colonial echoes as base of global north-south relations. Therefore, the project Decolonial Memorial chooses to engage with Germany’s colonial past artistically right here. The Decolonial Memorial aims to engage with a broad audience – both Berliners and Guests of Berlin – to enter the decolonial discourse. 


Art Competition

International and Anonymous

A committee of experts chose the artwork to be realized. This international jury has found the Decolonial Memorial via a bilingual anonymous art contest in two phases. 

In phase 1. all registered participants were asked to submit a conceptual idea as an outline. No developed drafts or technical details were needed. 20 of these ideas were admitted to the second phase. 

In phase 2. the artists were asked to develop their idea into a detailed draft suitable for realization. All artists involved in phase two are compensated. Out of such presented projects the jury chose one. This draft will become the Decolonial Memorial at the Berlin Global Village. 

As such the art competition along with the accompanying program and educational program are funded with 750.000 Euro by the Federation of Germany via the Federal government commissioner for culture and media (BKM). While the realization of the artwork itself is funded with 750.000 Euro by the Federal State of Berlin via the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion (SenKultEU). 


7 May 2023: Registration deadline for the participation of artists 
13 Aug 2023: Submission of design drafts (first phase)
16/17 Sep 2023: Jury meeting (first phase)
18 Sep 2023: Notification of the 20 participants (second phase)
31 Oct 2023: Symposium
07 Jan.2024: Deadline for submission of second phase designs 
27 Jan 2024: Jury meeting (second phase)
26 Apr 2024: Exhibition of submitted designs from the second phase
13 Sep 2024: Unveiling of the final artwork


As sponsor of the project Decolonial Memorial, the Berlin Global Village has formed a team to realize and coordinate the art contest, accompanying and educational program as well as the building of the artwork. We are happy to rely on the expertise of the following personal: 

Angelina Jellesen

Project leadership

Michaela Zischek

Public Relations

Mariana Moreno-Hevia

Student assistant

Jonathan Strauch

Student assistant

Armin Massing

Geschäftsführer Berlin Global Village gGmbH

Expert on the Jury

Michael Küppers-Adebisi

Consultant Decolonial Memorial

Subject Juror