Berlin is working on a memorial about decolonization

The project Decolonial Memorial is a global, open and anonymous art competition with the aim to build a Decolonial Memorial: an artwork, reflecting on decolonization. The piece will be placed clearly visible on the forecourt of the Berlin Global Village and will be revealed to the public in fall 2024. The art competition and the creation of the artwork will be accompanied by an extensive educational program discussing Decolonization and innovative public relations.

About the Competition


Jan. 27, 2024

NEWS: The Final Jury Session

For a final Session the Jurors met at the Miriam-Makeba-Hall to choose a winner amongst the 20 finalists on January 27th 2024. In a single day the Jury has appreciated, discussed and evaluated the realization of each concept. Find out more about their decision making process. 


Next Event

The Exhibition: April/ May 2024

From April 26th to May 12th 2023, the submitted artistic concepts of the winner and the finalists will be exhibited at Museum Neukölln and presented to the public. The 20 finalists will be introduced in a digital exhibition on the website soon. The jury selected 20 designs from almost 300 proposals, one of which will ultimately be realized as a decolonial memorial. 


The Jury


During the evaluation and selection process, the Decolonial Memorial Project and Berlin Global Village are supported by a jury of specialist judges, expert judges, experts and coordinators with their expertise. The project is embedded in a broad civil society network. Under the link "network" you can find a brief introduction.