Who we are


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What is Berlin Global Village?

“Berlin Global Village” is Berlin’s one world centrum.

50 development and migrant-diasporic NGOs have their offices here. And in the public event spaces there is a diverse political and cultural offering to the urban society. Berlin Global Village is a visible place in Berlin where people, initiatives and associations work for social change and global justice. The center is a social space and a place of cooperation – for the immediate users as well as for visitors.

Our structure

Berlin Global Village gGmbH is the operator and owner of the center. As a non-profit GmbH, we do not make a gain from the rent and do not pursue a commercial purpose. Shareholders are the Afrika-Rat Berlin Brandenburg e.V., the Berliner Entwicklungspolitische Ratschlag e.V. and MoveGLOBAL e.V.

Our vision

In Berlin Global Village, we reject all forms of racism and discrimination with their intersectional entanglements and actively and resolutely oppose them. Therefore, Berlin Global Village sees it as a shared responsibility to create a space in which users can interact with each other in a discrimination-sensitive way. To this end, we strive for a power-critical, discrimination-sensitive and diversity-oriented attitude within Berlin Global Village – as an organisation, as a network, as a place and as individuals.

We see Berlin Global Village as a learning organisation and learning network, aware of the challenges and complexities in addressing racism and discrimination. We know that we will make mistakes. We want to learn from our mistakes in solidarity, individually, collectively and institutionally, and to seek and maintain an open and constructive dialogue with all sides.


Maimouna Ouattara for MoveGlobal e.V.

Council for Diversity and Social Inclusion (RDSI)

Der Rat für Diversity und soziale Inklusion (RDSI) ist ein Beratungsgremium zur Beurteilung aller relevanten Prozesse aus Diversity Perspektive und erarbeitet Vorschläge für den laufenden Betrieb des Zentrums. Er ist Schnittstelle zwischen den Gesellschaftern, und MDO/MSO/PAD/PoC-Strukturen* in BGV-Mitgliedschaft und Mieter*innenschaft.

The Council for Diversity and Social Inclusion (RDSI) is an advisory body appointed by the BGV Board to assess all relevant BGV processes from a diversity perspective and develops proposals for the ongoing operation of the Center. The RDSI is the interface between the stakeholders, the office and MDO/MSO/PAD/PoC structures* within the centrum

Members of the RDSI

* MDO/MSO/PAD/PoC are abbreviations for: Migrantic-Diasporic Organization (MDO), Migrantic Self Organization (MSO), People of African Decent (PAD), People of Color (PoC)

Advisory Council

The council advises Berlin Global Village on all important issues. The main focus is on the thematic program work. It makes recommendations to the management. It consists of the following experts:

  • Imke-Friederike Tiemann-Middleton, Brot für die Welt
  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Jungk, Katholische Hochschule für Sozialwesen Berlin


BER e.V.
The Berlin Development Policy Council (BER) is the state association of over 110 development policy non-governmental organizations. 15 of them first came together in a BER working group and later formed the association Berlin Global Village out of it. BER works with Berlin Global Village to the best of its ability, especially to gain political support for the One World Center. Through its political work, BER has made a decisive contribution to the project being included in the coalition agreement of the red-red-green state government – but also already of the previous government of the SPD and CDU – and gaining lasting political approval.

Federal state Berlin
The red-green-red state government has committed its support for the One World Centrum in the coalition agreement for the years 2021-2026. The state was already involved as an important partner in the establishment of the Centrum: It approved an investment grant of 3.0 million euros in 2018 – which made it possible for Berlin Global Village to take out 9 million euros in loans for the new building, which will be financed through the payment of the NGOs long term rents – as well as funding from SIWA funds of 1.7 million euros for renovation and equipment in 2020-2022. For the program work of Berlin Global Village, the governing coalition has approved annual project funding of 247,000 euros in 2022 and 253,000 euros in 2023 in the budget. We have a long-standing, good working relationship with the State Department for Development Cooperation in the Senate Administration for Economic Affairs, which is responsible for us as a contact partner.

BMZ – German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Developmeng
The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has funded Berlin Global Village with an investment grant of 1.8 million euros for renovation and equipment in the years 2020-2022. The One World Center can thus be equipped in a contemporary manner and therefore become the central place for development policy debates in the German capital – with the intention of a nationwide impact. The BMZ funding was provided in accordance with a resolution of the German Bundestag for the 2019 budget. The Land of Berlin, Landesstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit, has taken over the administration of the funds under an administrative agreement.