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Street! Dance Artivism - the exhibition

From June to October we organized monthly dance sessions, including live DJs and dance workshops at various locations in Berlin.With the project we took up space and used public places in our city for the community.

Every session was dedicated to an important topic like the colonial history of the places in which we held the session, the continued gentrification in Berlin or the budget cuts of Neukölln, of which marginalized communities are particularly affected.We used various art forms to illuminate social grievances as well as posters and speeches.

Some moments of the project were captured by four talented photographers:
Tom Chansiraphet , Nicole Kufeld , oumou aidara & amp; Jasmin Valcarcel

Selected images can now be seen in the Berlin Global Village Encounter Café from the beginning of July.The exhibition is complemented by a painting by Jazz Vagabond, which was created live during the last street! Dance Artivism Session.

exhibition period: 9.4.2024-1.2024

Ort: Encountercafé, EG Altbau, Berlin Global Village

Opening times: MO-MI & AMP;Fri 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Contact: info@mince-ev.de

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