Vision and History

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Berlin Global Village is a place in Berlin where people, initiatives and associations work for social change and global justice. The center is a social space - a place of cooperation, commitment and mutual support - for the organizations as well as for visitors. But what is the actual vision of the Berlin Global Village and how did this One World Center in Berlin come about in the first place?

Our Vision

The Berlin Global Village arose out of the need to provide a variety of development policy and migrant-diasporic organizations with a discrimination-sensitive, sustainable, financially viable and cooperation-promoting place to work and engage. The Berlin Global Village is a learning place with learning organizations and networks that sees the complexities of racism and discrimination on a systemic level and in society. We reject all forms of racism and discrimination with their intersectional entanglements. We see it as a shared responsibility to create a space in which people can interact with each other in a way that is sensitive to discrimination. To this end, we strive for a power-critical, discrimination-sensitive and diversity-oriented attitude within Berlin Global Village - as an organization, as a network, as a place and as people. We know that we will make mistakes. We want to learn from our mistakes - individually, collectively and institutionally - and keep the dialog open at all times and on all sides. Not only because it is solidarity, but above all because it is the only path to the future of humanity that gives us hope.






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Foundation of Berlin Global Village e.V.


The purpose of the association is to establish a One World Center for Berlin.  Prior to this, the "House" working group had been part of the Berlin Development Policy Council since June 2010, which had carried out the preparatory work for the founding of the association.  


Foundation of Berlin Global Village gGmbH


A second non-profit legal form, suitable in case we want to build or buy ourselves - which is what ultimately happened.


Moving into the 2nd floor of the old building Am Sudhaus with 8 NGOs 


The Starteretage - Berlin Global Village e.V. as the main tenant with 7 NGOs as subtenants. The starting point to gain a foothold on the Kindl-Areal.


Purchase of the old building under heritable building rights


We buy the old building on a leasehold basis from Terra Libra Immobilien / Edith Maryon Foundation. Term: 100 years!


Joint planning phase for the new building with participation workshops for the NGOs that will use it in the future


Which areas should be created as meeting places? How many seminar rooms do we need? Barrier-free toilets on every floor are important to us! All of this was discussed with the architects at the planning stage. 


Begin of construction of new building


With a wonderful celebration to mark the laying of the foundation stone in late summer 2019 


Corona pandemic


The old building has almost died out, but despite all the obstacles, we have managed to keep the construction site going without delays.


Move into new building with 37 NGOs


The rush of NGOs is huge. We could have allocated the space twice. Moving in under corona conditions: Only one NGO per time slot - spread over 2 weeks.


Opening party for the new building


Corona-related small opening party with Senator for Economic Affairs and District Mayor.


Completion of refurbishment of old building


The first floor of the old building has been extensively converted into an event floor with a large hall and "WeltRaum" 


Opening festival at the One World Center (BGVestival) including the large event hall


The lavish opening party with 300 guests, Senator for Economic Affairs, district councillor, lots of political information and great bands.


Transfer of ownership shares to BER, AfrikaRat, moveGlobal. Dissolution of BGV e.V.


The center now belongs to three regional associations, which together represent 180 development and migrant-diasporic NGOs. Broad ownership of the whole scene! 


Start of the competition for the Decolonial Monument


A worldwide competition for a work of art on the theme of decolonization, which will be located at the Berlin Global Village. A unique project in Berlin to date.