We have improved our website!

We have improved our website!

Over the last few weeks we have been working on improving our website and are now proud to present the new features to you.

1.) Improved menu navigation

We have downsized the main menu. You will now find only three categories:

  • Centre: With all the information about Berlin Global Village as a place and network with its goals and content. This is where you will now find most of the information that was previously not quite fittingly under “Contact” and there under the sub-menu item “Who we are”.
  • Event spaces: The main menu item “Rental” has been renamed to distinguish it more clearly from office rental. Otherwise, everything has remained the same.
  • Activities: We have merged the former categories “Programme” and “News” and created new subcategories here as well. Here you will now find all news and past announcements from the Berlin Global Village.

2.) Event calendar

Under “Centre” in the main menu you will now find the event calendar. -There you can see which events are taking place in the centre. Be it public events of Berlin Global Village or yours! In the future, when you request rooms in the contact form under “Event spaces”, you can enter your events yourself via a link in the small box: “Should Berlin Global Village publish this event in the calendar of events? It will then be published after the booking has been confirmed. Please note that this depends on our capacities and that you have to enter the information in time. The events calendar looks empty at the moment, but it will be filled by you. We are looking forward to making visible what is happening in the Berlin Global Village!

3.) English version

The notice “scroll down for English version” is finally a thing of the past! English-speaking readers can now easily switch the entire page to an English view. However, this is still a work-in-progress and may need some improvements. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

4.) Further improvements

The start page is now clearer and everything follows the same logic. There is also the long-promised overview of organisations from the house, which we will constantly add to. We have also replaced pictures here and there.