Update: Submission of initial concept ideas

Update: Submission of initial concept ideas

It’s deadline-time: all registered artists have until Sunday, August 13th, 2023 to submit their concept design with initial ideas for a Decolonial Memorial art piece.

What has happened so far?

671 artists from all over the world have registered for the international art competition “Decolonial Memorial” to create an artwork on decolonization in front of or between the buildings of Berlin Global Village. 540 submissions were accepted for the competition by the procedural auditors. That is really quite a lot! Almost one third of the submissions came from the African continent, which makes us particularly happy. One third was registered from Germany. The others from all over the world. Afterwards, the approved artists had the opportunity to anonymously ask all kinds of questions, which can now help them in the development of an artistic concept idea.

What happens next?

Now they have until the end of the week (08/13/2023) to submit a first draft for the artwork. We are already so excited to see the ideas! On September 16/17th, the jury will then select 20 artists who will be allowed to further develop their designs in detail. They will be compensated for their efforts with an expense allowance. We will present the 20 artistic works in a public exhibition in February and March 2024. The jury will then select a design that will actually be produced and unveiled in front of Berlin Global Village in fall 2024.