The event spaces now have five name patrons!

The event spaces now have five name patrons!

Berlin Global Village (BGV) carried out a public participation competition to name the event rooms. The results have now been confirmed: the large event hall will be called Miriam Makeba Hall (South Africa). The exhibition space will be called Patrice Lumumba Gallery (Congo).

The seminar rooms are named after Chandra Mohanty (India), Funmilayo Kuti (Nigeria) and Paulo Freire (Brazil).

People from all three continents are named after the rooms and, according to the results of the selection process, 3 People of African Decent and 2 People of Color.

The naming process as a participation process

BGV has thus taken a further step in the direction of an active diversity policy. The process was supported by the BGV committee Council for Diversity and Social Inclusion. Despite the corona situation, almost 20 people found each other at the beginning of November 2021 who went through the process with us. Not least thanks to the competent advice and guidance of the consensus expert Adela Mahling, all those involved were able to reduce the more than 40 name suggestions submitted in the competition to 8 names at the end of the workshop.

All those involved could then put these 8 names of the final round together again in different combinations. The only thing that had to be considered was that three women and three people of African Descent should be among the proposals. In addition, the proposal had to define who would be proposed for the large event hall, which is currently being prepared in the old building, and who would be proposed for the gallery in the new building. The submitted proposals could then be finally evaluated digitally by the organizations involved in the process. The result is a combination that, in our opinion, is really impressive!

Miriam Makeba

Patrice Lumumba

Chandra Mohanty

Funmilayo Kuti

Paulo Freire