Ernährungsrat Berlin e.V. | The Berlin Food Policy Council

Ernährungsrat Berlin e.V. | The Berlin Food Policy Council

The Ernährungsrat Berlin e.V. is a civil society association of actors who are committed to ecological, climate and socially just food production and distribution in the Berlin area. We see ourselves as an alliance that publicly represents civil society positions and demands for a sustainable food system and wants to help them gain political validity.

Our goal is to actively promote the sustainable transformation of the food system in the region. Starting from the political concept of food sovereignty, we want to develop the food strategy of the future for Berlin.

We are open to any person who wants to get involved.

Where and how?

  • Food policy can be a driver for the much needed socio-ecological turnaround. Therefore, the Nutrition Council is currently working on a concept for a place in Berlin that stands for participation in and transformation of the food system and for civil society participation based on the common good. The "Ernährungscampus" (working title) is a place where civil society works together with practice, politics and science to find and implement solutions.
  • The podcast group is regularly looking for reinforcement. Many very interesting podcasts have already been produced in the series "Wir sind schonmal los".
  • It is also possible to join the working group "Participation and Diversity" in the Nutrition Council at any time.

If you are interested, please contact Lisa Haarhoff,