SODI – Solidaritätsdienst International e.V.

SODI – Solidaritätsdienst International e.V.

SODI is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation that is independent, critical and non-denominational - for an equal world. SODI stands for solidarity: with initiatives and organisations in the Global South, we are committed to the emancipation of people and the strengthening of their active participation in society. We combine our project work abroad with our educational work in Germany - fighting for a changes of perspective in the development cooperation.

touring exhibition "History of Food - Our Food and its Global Roots" to lend

Sugar cane, maize, wheat, rice & Co are the most important agricultural raw materials and trade goods worldwide. The conditions in the cultivation, production and consumption of food are often treated as without history and dismissed as "economic constraints". The exhibition encourages to critically question global history and today's global interconnections of food, to include different perspectives and to become active for globally just nutrition.

The touring exhibition HI[STORY] OF FOOD is designed for teenagers and young people. It addresses production and consumption relations from a power-critical perspective and puts current problematic conditions such as exploitative structures, inhumane working conditions or resource exploitation in countries of the so-called Global South in a historical context, e.g. to colonisation.

The exhibition can be borrowed free of charge by schools, libraries and other organisations. Accompanying educational material and workshops for pupils can be booked.

For more information about the exhibition and the loan service, please call (030) 920 9093-0, e-mail: or visit the