ICJA Volunteer exchange worldwide

ICJA Volunteer exchange worldwide

ICJA was founded in 1949 as a youth exchange program between the United States and Germany.

Throughout its more than 70-year history, ICJA has built volunteer service programs for both young and older people. The basis of its work is volunteering, which is supported by the administrative office in Berlin.

ICJA is a member of the umbrella organization International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE). It maintains contact with cooperation partners from over 45 countries. ICJA takes the idea of exchange in a literal sense, i.e. it sends young people between the ages of 18 and 28 and also older volunteers to its partner committees and at the same time hosts people from these countries. The residence is connected with a long-term voluntary service in social, political or ecological projects. Participation in the ICJA program is available to all who are interested. Not having good degrees, but the openness to get involved in another culture is a requirement.

Our Mission Statement: ICJA Voluntary Exchange Worldwide performs hands-on peace work and promotes socio-political engagement through international encounters and intercultural education.

To achieve its goals, ICJA is expanding its activities and projects: In 2013, it took over the yap-cfd's work camps program, and in 2014, it expanded its educational work to include European sponsorship programs. In 2015, as a reaction to the refugee crisis, the association introduced a volunteer service of refugees in Berlin and Brandenburg workplaces (SAWA). As a result, ICJA has become increasingly involved in anti-racism and inclusive projects (INVOLVE, Star E, etc.).