BAOBAB Berlin e.V.

BAOBAB Berlin e.V.

For over 30 years, we have been working in Berlin with educational work and fair trade for a fairer world - without exploitation, oppression and discrimination. The aim of our work is to create a public space to exchange ideas about global economic and political developments and thus to be able to relate the living situation of people in the global South to our own way of life. We do educational work on fair trade, inform people in our workshops about global economic connections and want to encourage people to think about their own consumption behaviour.

We are the responsible body for the Fair Trade Advisory Service in Berlin and the responsible body for the Aktionsbündnis Fairer Handel Berlin. Our educational offers
In our workshops, we provide information on the global economy and fair trade and encourage people to think about their own consumption behaviour.

Educational offers

In our workshops we provide information on the global economy and fair trade and encourage students to reflect on their own consumption behaviour. The pupils experience what fair trade means in a playful way and with all their senses. In the spirit of broad participation, we have revised many of our materials and educational offers according to inclusive criteria.

Our workshop classics

Banana course

Why do bananas cost less than apples, even though they have to be transported long distances and their harvest is hard work? We look into this question and show how Fair Trade can straighten out crooked deals.

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Cocoa and chocolate

On the chocolate expedition, pupils learn about the cultivation of a fruit that sweetens their lives here in Berlin. Cocoa and sugar become chocolate! But who has to pay for it? ... with what? ... with money? ... with health? ... with vitality?

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Rice - fairly nourished more

What role do small farmers play in the cultivation of basic foodstuffs? We look into this question using rice as an example and learn about fair trade as an alternative.

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Coffee? - I'm (not) interested in the bean!*

After oil, coffee is the world's most important export commodity. The living conditions of millions of coffee producers are directly dependent on the world market price for coffee. But how does the price of coffee come about and who benefits from it?

Suitable for ages 14 and up.

*play on words in German


We can also offer workshops on other topics such as football, colonialism and dependencies today. A classic educational unit with us lasts 90 - 240 minutes and can easily be supplemented or shortened with different method modules.

Educational material for kindergartens

Last year we compiled a material for children in day-care centres with which we would like to teach global learning in a playful way. Dudu and his friend Coco the parrot travel around the world with a magic chain. They meet children and learn from them where chocolate comes from, where bananas grow and how footballs are made. On his adventures, he learns about the positive effects of Fair Trade, among other things. The three stories are told with an interactive Japanese paper theatre, the Kamishibai.

All workshops can also be booked in Spanish, our speaker is a native speaker.

Contact: Constanza Silva Lira

Fair Trade Advisory Service Berlin/Brandenburg

The Fair Trade Advisory Service is the regional contact for world shop activists and the information interface for Fair Trade in the capital. Strengthening world shops and raising their profile as specialist shops for fair trade is equally the aim, mission and motivation of the advisory work.

Contact: Thomas Fritz
Phone 030/44 04 20 67

VHS course "Fair and sustainable shopping" and audio guides

Baobab Berlin has developed an adult education course, also digital, on the topic of "Sustainable and Fair Shopping" and has run it at adult education centres in Berlin over the last few years. Furthermore, we have developed two audio guides and a podcast for the district of Pankow and are planning cooperations with other Berlin districts. We are happy to enter into new partnerships and advise you.

Contact: Lavern Wolfram