Netiquette for the Social Media Pages of Berlin Global Village

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube thrive on dialog and are intended to be a safe place for exchange. Suggestions, opinions, comments, controversial debates, feedback and justified criticism are of course welcome, as long as the following rules are observed:

All users* of our social media pages are called upon to contribute in an open, friendly manner and with courtesy, respect and mutual consideration.

We therefore reserve the right to delete posts if:

  • they are hurtful, insulting, threatening, glorify violence, defamatory and obscene.
  • they disparage the rights and dignity of other people, especially in connection with actual or ascribed characteristics such as gender, sexual orientation, cultural or social origin, religion or world view and physical and/or mental abilities
  • they serve exclusively to provoke other participants in the discussion and do not contain any factual or constructive contribution to the discussion.
  • they spread false news or conspiracy narratives.
  • they contain commercial contributions and third-party advertising.
  • they violate any law or regulation.
  • they contain sexualized messages, dating messages, nude pictures, pornography and content harmful to minors.
  • they are spam.

Any content posted or commented on must be in compliance with the network enforcement law, terms of use and community standards of the respective social networks.

We reserve the right to update the netiquette.