Vernissage of the photo exhibition “Lives Consumed” on 28.04.

Vernissage of the photo exhibition “Lives Consumed” on 28.04.

The exhibition is accessible from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 4 pm. Please ring the bell at Berlin Global Village gGmbH so that we can take you to the exhibition space. We appreciate a short registration by phone at 030 499 644 00 or by e-mail at info[at]

Ten years ago, on 24.4.2013, the Rana Plaza garment factory building in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1136 people. Thousands more were injured and scarred for life. Rana Plaza has become a cautionary symbol of the consequences of capitalism.

Those killed, those injured and their families remain unforgotten. The exhibition features photographs and stories collected by Taslima Akhter and volunteers of the grassroots-level Bangladesh Garment Workers Solidarity organisation (BGWS), which aims to portray the human lives behind the numbers, showing these women and men beyond their ‘garment worker’ identity. It is a reminder of the human dimension behind the deadliest industrial tragedy in the fashion industry

It also sheds light on the activism that followed the disaster. While building safety may have improved as a result of this tragedy, there is still a long way to go to ensure secure livelihoods for millions of garment workers around the world who are yet to receive a dignified living wage and adequate social security provisions.

The fashion industry is based on the exploitation of human rights and the environment, and ultimately the capitalist logic of profit maximisation. We as consumers are part of this system – as perpetrators and profiteers, but also an authority that can influence the industry. Selected portraits by Mona Lüders of fashion consumers also shed light on individual choices and motivations. The exhibition encourages us to act in our daily lives and politically. It is a call for global solidarity.

The exhibition was put together by the Aktionsgruppe Saubere Kleidung. It is shown in cooperation with Inkota-netzwerk e.V., Clean Clothes Campaign Germany, Fashion Revolution Germany and Berlin Global Village.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday, 28.04.2023 at 6PM in the Lounge of Berlin Global Village. Interested parties must ring the bell for Lounge and will be brought to the room. Afterwards, the exhibition will be on display until 26.05.2023.