Exhibition “Banzeiro dos rios” extended until end of March

Exhibition “Banzeiro dos rios” extended until end of March

We are extending the photography exhibition “Banzeiro dos rios- Life and resistance in the Amazonas” that we have been showing since the beginning of december until 31st of March because of the limited access due to the COVID 19 pandemic to give every interested person the possibility to visit.

The exhibition is shown in the Lounge of Berlin Global Village on the fourth floor and accesible for people, who are not working in the building every Thursday from 2PM to 4PM. The exhibition is wheelchair accessible.

Subject of the exhibition is the life and political struggles of the Indigenous Groups in Brasil – for their human rights and recognition of their territories. The exhibition brings together the work of three activists and photographers of the brasilian Amazonas region.

The exhibition is a cooperation of Aktionsgemeinschaft Solidarische Welt e.V. (ASW) and Berlin Global Village (BGV) and part of the Initiative „Berlin aktiv im Klimabündnis“ (Berlin actively within the alliance for the climate). For further information you can reach Marek Burmeister via phone 030 / 25 94 08 06 and mail oeffentlichkeitsarbeit [at] aswnet.de

The exhibition shows photographies of Marquinho Mota, Priscila Tapajowara und Lilo Clareto.

Actvist Marquinho Mota accompanies the struggle for the recognition of the territories of the Indigenous groups Munduruku, Kumaruara and Guajajara for almost two decades.

Photographer and activist Priscila Tapajowara works in front and behind the camera as a filmmaker. Again and again she travels home and visits local communities at the Tapajós river and gives insights to their life. It is also one of her photographies that is used here to advertise the exhibition.

Photojournalist Lilo Clareto has dedicated many years to document and uncover environmental crimes and human rights violations in the Amazonas region. One focus of his work are the protests against the controversion hydroelectric power station Belo Monte at the river Xingu.