Chandra Mohanty Room (GREEN)

This room is 53 square meters and is supplied with plenty of daylight through three large windows. The room is technically supplied with sound system, sound boxes and deck lighting and sockets. There is also an intercom system at the main entrance directly connected to the room. There are two doors, one to Seminar Room A5-Purple and the other to the hallway and other seminar rooms to the break room, community kitchen, restrooms and foyer.

Particularly suitable for workshop formats with group work in conjunction with the adjacent larger room for separate working groups. This room is equipped with a sound system and sound boxes, overhead light fixtures and outlets directly on the overhead lighting tracks and additional outlets at baseboard level.

There are 5 tables and 12 chairs in the basic configuration.

GREENup to 4 hours
(half day)
up to 8 hours
(full day)
more than 8 hours
(full day+)
Price240,00 €400,00 €560,00 €
For events in the developmental, migrant-diasporic field, 50% will be reimbursed on the normal price.