Paulo Freire Room (RED)

This is particularly suitable for training and workshop formats, with 40 square meters there is enough space for learning and working. There are whiteboards on two sides, a window front, frosted glass in the middle and two large windows to open. A free wall for beamer projections. Technically, the room is equipped with a sound system and sound boxes, ceiling light spotlights and sockets directly on the rails of the ceiling lighting and additional sockets at the level of the baseboards. Additionally, an intercom system is directly connected to the room at the main entrance.

There are 6 tables and 10 chairs in the basic configuration.

Direct access to the hallway leads to the other seminar rooms, the break room, the communal kitchen, the toilets and the foyer.

ROTup to 4 hours
(half day)
up to 8 hours
(full day)
more than 8 hours
(full day+)
Preis132,00 €220,00 €308,00 €
For events in the developmental, migrant-diasporic field, 50% will be reimbursed on the normal price.