Patrice Lumumba Gallery (PURPLE)

The room is centrally located on the first floor as a headpiece to the town square. Through two separate entrances, this room can be opened to the terrace. A lot of daylight comes through the three sides glazing, partly with frosted glass and partly clear, the view over the beer garden to the small city garden towards the town hall Neukölln is free.

The room is 63 square meters and technically well equipped. This makes it ideal for events in the context of exhibitions, celebrations, conferences and panel discussions, but also workshops, childcare and hybrid online events are event formats that this room can offer.

There are 4 tables and 10 chairs in the basic configuration.

In winter, a warm atmosphere can be kept via a floor heater. Among the technical requirements we include a sound system with sound boxes distributed throughout the hall, ceiling light spotlights and sockets mounted directly on the rails of the ceiling lighting. In addition, there are five electrical outlets at the level of the floor rails. Another door leads to the adjacent seminar room (Green), through this room and another door is the hallway and passage to the other seminar rooms to the break room, community kitchen, toilets and foyer.

PURPLEup to 4 hours
(half day)
up to 8 hours
(full day)
more than 8 hours
(full day)+
Price420,00 €700,00 €980,00 €
For events in the developmental, migrant-diasporic field, 50% will be reimbursed on the normal price.