Decolonial Memorial

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Briefly explained

Berlin Global Village has launched the art competition for the “Decolonial Memorial”. This is an open, anonymous and worldwide art contest for the realization of a decolonial memorial sign – an artistic work dealing with decolonization. The artwork will be permanently installed in a clearly visible location between or in front of the two buildings of the Berlin Global Village after it has been completed and presented to the public in the fall of 2024. The contest and the creation of the artwork will be accompanied by an extensive educational program as well as innovative public relations work on the topic of decolonization.

On 30.03.2023 the competition phase starts, in which artists and artist groups from all over the world can easily register for the contest until 07.05.2023. The Land of Berlin (SenKultEU) will then provide 750,000 euros for the realization of the artwork. The competition, educational program and public relations work will be financed by the federal government (BKM) with a further 750,000 euros. The project is supported by the Berlin Global Village gGmbH in cooperation with the office for art in public space of the Kulturwerk GmbH of the bbk berlin e.V. and circle of supporters from decolonial civil society.

The art contest and project explained in a video

A short version of the video (1:00 min) can be found on our Instagram account @berlinglobalvillage.

Open Call

The call has been closed on 7th of May at 23:59 CET.

How does the art contest work?

A top-class international jury will decide in a two-phase procedure which design will be realized.

In the 1st phase, registered participants are invited to submit an artistic idea in the form of a sketch combined with conceptual considerations. No elaborated design or technical details are expected yet.

The jury will select up to 20 participants for the 2nd phase, in which a detailed elaboration of the design for realization is expected beyond the basic solution approaches. In the 2nd competition phase, the participants will receive an expense allowance of € 4,000.00 including all incidental costs.

From the project presentations of the 2nd phase, the jury will select one entry whose artwork will subsequently be financed. A total of 750,000 euros is available from the state of Berlin (SenKultEU) for the realization of the artwork. The competition, educational program and public relations work are financed with a further 750,000 euros from the federal government (BKM).

About the Background

German colonialism and its consequences have long been marginalized in Germany. However, ongoing interventions from civil society have set a process in motion. To address colonialism, its effects until today and the continuities also in development cooperation, the international art competition is announced. Within the framework of the project, a dialogue is initiated to deal with the decolonial perspective. The artwork will then be permanently installed between or in front of the two buildings of the Berlin Global Village. With the Denkzeichen, the Berlin Global Village will be marked and made strong as a place of reflection on decolonial issues for both Berliners and international actors.

Who is the Jury?

  • Kristina Leko (Universität der Künste Berlin, visual artist)
  • María Linares (visual artist)
  • Prof. Dr. Walter Mignolo (Duke University, literary scholar)
  • Prof. Dr. Chika Okeke-Agulo (Princeton University, visual artist)
  • Dr. Mithu M. Sanyal (author)
  • Gary Stewart (Queen Mary University London, visual artist)
  • Sylbee Kim (bbk berlin, visual artist)
  • Michael Küppers-Adebisi (Berlin Global Village gGmbH)

What’s the schedule?

7 May 2023: Registration deadline
15 May 2023: Contest documents made available to applicants
14 Jun 2023: Deadline for written queries (first phase)
23 Jun 2023: Response to queries (first phase)
13 Aug 2023: Digital submission of designs (first phase)
16/17 Sep 23: Jury meeting (first phase)
18 Sep 2023: Notification of participants in the second phase
30 Oct 2023: Enquiry colloqium (second phase)
31 Octr 2023: Symposium
12 Nov 2023: Deadline for written queries (second phase)
24 Nov 23: Response to queries (second phase)
07 Jan 2024: Deadline for submission of designs (second phase)
27 Jan 2024: Prize jury meeting (second phase)
28 Feb 2024: Exhibition of submitted designs from the second phase

Cooperation partners

Awarding authority
Berlin Global Village gGmbH (BGV), in cooperation with the Office for Art in Public Space
of the Kulturwerk GmbH of bbk berlin e.V.

Circle of supporters from decolonial civil society:

  • AfricAvenir e.V.
  • Afrika-Rat Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
  • AFROTAK TV cyberNomads
  • Berlin Postkolonial e.V.
  • DaMigra e.V.
  • Decolonize Berlin e.V.
  • Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland ISD-Bund e.V.
  • moveGLOBAL e.V.

Further cooperation partners:

  • Neukölln District Office, Department of Culture
  • KINDL – Center for Contemporary Art
  • Black Berlin Biennial

Download the competition document in German

Download the competition documents English

Download the competition document Kiswahili

Download the competition document Francais

Download the competition document Espanol


Please direct all questions regarding the competition process exclusively to:

Press inquiries about „Decolonial Memorial“ to:,
Tel: 030 49 96 64 00

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