Baobab Berlin – Education and Fair Trade for a more just world

Baobab Berlin – Education and Fair Trade for a more just world

With the format “BGV Feature” we would like to introduce you to the different groups in the house. For this purpose, we have formulated questions related to the Berlin Global Village. Today we continue with Baobab Berlin e.V.

What do you do? What are your fields of activity?

We have been working on the topic of fair trade for over 30 years. Primarily through educational work, we want to inform people about world trade and encourage them to think about their consumption behaviour. It’s about the idea of a fairer world, which also includes addressing colonial times, children’s rights and child labour, and much more.

When did you move into the centre? Where are you based?

We moved into the new building on the 2nd floor in March 2021 and were one of the first tenants on that floor. We have also been active in the Berlin Global Village e.V. since 2011.

What is your favourite place in the centre?

The roof terrace, but if it’s too sunny, too windy or too crowded, we like to sit outside in the beer garden.

Is your work influenced by being in the BGV?

In the field of education, we have cooperations with EPIZ e.V. and KATE e.V., among others, which we know from before. However, the contacts have become more intensive due to the shared location.

What are your hopes for the future?

We hope that the contacts will become even more intensive in the near future. Because of the Corona pandemic, we haven’t met many colleagues on the floor yet, for example, because there is less on site.

We are also working to make the topic of fair trade more present in the Berlin Global Village through a fair trade kiosk or other sales opportunities.